Everyone In Fund - Spring Harvest 2025

Reference application

If you are inviting someone to join you at Spring Harvest - or want to nominate a family to join us - but they just can't afford to come, we may be able to help.

If they are on state benefit please encourage them to complete our standard application but if that is not enough to get them there, we may be able to help further. The help we can offer relies on the generous giving of our guests and supporters and we need to know that those we are helping have the backing and support of their church.

Everything you need to know . . .

If you are a church leader or a group organiser you are welcome to ask for further help for someone in your group or church. If you are bringing a friend to Spring Harvest for the first time and you would like us to contribute towards their booking on this scheme we will ask for a reference for you from your church leader.


  • We can only help towards accommodation, not meal packages.
  • We are less likely to help those already taking another holiday this year.
  • They should not have had a Spring Harvest Reference payment in the past two years.
  • As a guide we can offer up to 2/3 (two thirds) of the cost of the accommodation in total and expect the guest and church to cover the balance.

The booking

  • They may be sharing accommodation with others or we can help whole families.
  • We cannot cover the cost of more than one empty bed.
  • We may be able to help with the booking but it's best if you can make it.

Church contribution

  • We recommend the church contributes towards the accommodation cost, to demonstrate their support and so we can make the fund stretch to help as many as possible.
  • We also expect the church to offer meals if others from the church are going, or to contribute towards the cost of meals or travel.

A panel of Spring Harvest team and advisors will meet on a regular basis to review applications. Successful applicants will be contacted and, if appropriate, the booking made and next steps discussed. We may ask for a report following Spring Harvest so we can monitor the effectiveness of the Fund and as a means of encouraging others to donate in future.

Use this form to apply for funding for a family or small group. For help for large groups please email us on info@springharvest.org

We can offer this help because of the generous giving of friends and supporters.

The money we can give away is limited and we are sorry but once it has gone we will not be able to take any more applications, so please apply as soon as you can.

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